How Do You Develop A Retail Strategy?


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Aisha answered
The core function to develop a strategy is to maximize your business or product strengths, minimize the weaknesses, look for expansion and diversification opportunities and in the end cater for the threats and make parallel plans to avoid them.
This will surely make a perfect retail strategy. See the link below for more information:
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Bibika Dimi answered
I expect what you mean is how to develop a retail marketing strategy. Retail as it is, can be planed and developed on well know traditional ways. But the development of sales, increase footfall and similar stuff is something that retail marketing is doing. Sometimes retailers can do it on their own and sometimes it is best to hire a a retail marketing company. It has a variety of ways to develop the retail sales and agencies can recommend the right approach for your business based on your competition, defined goals, current market conditions and etc.

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