What Was The Deutsche Bank's Pan European Retail Banking Strategy?


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It is the one of the largest bank of the Germany. The Deutsche Bank though to enter into the consumer market to serve the needs of European consumers. In the year 2000, the Deutsche bank offers the joint venture to an other German bank whose name was Dresdner Bank.

The reason for the joint venture between two banks is due to the make better investment and strategic alliances for making good profits in the European markets and to compete with the other international investment banks like Citicorps. So as a result of their merger in the retail banking both companies introduced new banks which are named as Bank 24 which will work as a independent entity in the European market and each company can acquire only 10 percent share in the bank.

But after some years of the operation of the Bank 24 the contract or agreement between the both management teams collapsed. So the management changed the business strategy for the retail banking. So later on when they observed that besides the retail banking the banks introduced the investment and pension plans to attract the large number of deposits in their banks so they catered other people and made strategy to serve the needs of mature customers.

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