Select A Company That You Think Has A Good Strategy For Developing Relationships With Their Customers. In 2–3 Pages, Describe And Critique The Company's Strategy For Developing Relationships With Customers?


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A good strategy for developing a relationship with customers is being able to deal with customer complaints effectively and efficiently. A customer service strategy should be more than paying lip service to the notion; it should be a proactive way of ensuring that customers are satisfied, and if they are not, resolving the issue.

Companies, who actively encourage their customers to let them know if any aspect of their product or service fails to satisfy, find that this is good way of ensuring that business moves forward in a positive way.

If a company responds to complaints and dissatisfaction quickly and courteously, they find that customer loyalty is improved, and the reality can be as much as an increase of 25 per cent in turnover.

It is a fact that customers who are unhappy with a service will tell twice as many people as those who are happy, and negative word of mouth can lead to huge impact on a business. If a dissatisfied customer can tell their family and friends that they had a complaint that was dealt with easily, the company is going to reap the rewards because everybody realises that mistakes can be made.

If complaints can be resolved at the first point of contact, the company will also be able to save money in the long term, because there will be less time and people having to deal with it, rather than letting it become prolonged and messy; again increasing customer confidence and loyalty.

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