4) What Is Performance Coaching? Discuss The Phases Of Performance Coaching And Its Importance In Organizations.


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Performance Coaching is a partnership between a senior leader, a performance coach and the sponsoring organization aimed to enhance individual learning and development while achieving agreed-upon business goals.
To be effective, performance coaching must be strategic and individualized. A balance must be struck between the needs of the individual and the needs of the organization. To engage and motivate individuals, performance coaching must be tailored to their needs and aspirations. To deliver business results, the coaching must also be tailored to the strategy, vision and values of the organization.
Phases in the Performance Coaching process include:
• Planning/Contracting
• Assessment (360-degree feedback; Other Assessment Tools; Interviews with Key Stakeholders)
• Development Action Planning
• On-going Coaching
• Reassessment/Measurement
Importance of coaching:
The ultimate value of coaching is that it improves bottom–line results by enhancing the effectiveness of Performances, within a defined timeframe.
Coaching allows business Performances to, amongst other things, higher personal Performance in the workplace, whilst at the same time bringing balance, fulfillment and perspective to personal and professional lives.

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