If I Make 7.25 An Hour And I Work 40hours A Week, What Will I Draw After Taxes Are Cut?


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Shirley McLean answered
Before anything is deducted, you will make $290.00/week. Not knowing what state you are writing from, I can't tell you if you'll have state taxes taken out. Let's just say you do. Then you have Federal income taxes taken out, State Disability Insurance, Medical Insurance, if you're lucky, you have a dental plan, so you'll pay for that, then there's Long Term Disability, Dependent's medical, dental, life, your life insurance. Then there's more, I'm just looking at my husband's pay stub to answer your question. There's something called FICA-CA, and he puts money into savings and a 401 K plan. Doesn't sound like you'll take much home. I'd look for a better paying job, if possible. Best of luck,

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