What Abilities, Interests, Values And Personality Are Required To Become A Doctor?


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Good observation, surveillance, scrutiny, and above all you need to be dedicated and show responsible behavior.Also a person should be kind hearten in order to be a GOOD surgeon..:)
Hope you become a doc and serve humanity..:)
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You should be good in studies. Need to learn a lot of mathematical and medical material with heart to serve the persons in pain.
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ability of doctor

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Anyone can be a doctor who has a doctors degree, but it takes alot to be a great doctor. Various skills and abilities are required. Some of those abilities are listed below that you can have a look.

1. Understand the spoken statements clearly and respond clearly.

2. Should be able to draw conclusions from a bunch of information.

3. Is good in science and maths.

4. Is curious to learn new things.

5. Is able to perceive and visualize things

These were some of the important skills required to become a doctor. Check doctors email and get to know about some of the great doctors in your area.

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