What talents and abilities needed of an accountant?


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To become an accountant, a person must be responsible, honest, and organized. An accountant bears responsibility for the financial integrity of a company; he or she will produce statements, reconciliations, and reports that indicate a company or private individual's financial assets and liabilities. Therefore, detail, accuracy, and format are extremely important. Since accounting statements relate to taxes and other legal matters, it's very important to do things right. People who have the capacity to analyze numbers, to keep impeccable records, and to fix problems correctly will excel at this type of work.

  • Training and education

You can't be an accountant without the right education; of course, you can take care of financial matters for a client or company without certification, but most corporations and clients will only want to work with people who've completed a four-year university degree program in accounting, as well as tests that allow them to become certified or chartered accountants. Therefore, people who want to pursue this work should plan on studying hard during high school, so as to have the marks they need to get into accounting programs in post-secondary educational institutions. Generally, a grade average of about 80 percent will suffice for entrance to a university accounting program, but these percentages will vary based on how prestigious a school is.

  • Job prospects

Traditionally, accounting is viewed as a stable and reliable source of income, benefits, and status in the community. Accounting professionals may have a reputation for being a little staid or dull, but this is just a stereotype. However, most accountants will be sensible, reality-based, practical types who do not have their heads in the clouds.

To learn more about the talents and abilities needed to be an accountant, contact a local accountant's association, or speak to a high school guidance counselor or mentor.

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