What are values and interests needed? In a teacher


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A teacher must be patient, diligent, disciplined, and devoted to educating his or her students in the most efficient, engaging way possible. The best teachers will be kind but firm, and they will expect a certain standard of conduct from their students. Teachers who naturally radiate authority will have an easier time in the classroom, as they will be able to take control and assume a leadership position with greater ease.

  • Not for the shy

Teachers who are very timid or introverted may find themselves overwhelmed by the boisterous or even obnoxious behavior of some students. Of course, much depends on which grades or levels a teacher is teaching at. For example, teaching kindergarten bears little similarity to teaching advanced biochemistry at an Ivy League college. Therefore, different traits and talents will be needed at the various levels of education.

  • Values

The values of a teacher should conform with societal norms - teachers are meant to be role models, and they must keep their conduct very clean and proper to succeed in their chosen careers. For example, some teacher's contracts have morals clauses, which forbid teachers from certain conduct that might negatively reflect on a school.

  • Morals

Therefore, people who frequent sex clubs, get tattoos on their faces, and enjoy wearing mohawks (among other alternative types) may not relish the moral constraints that a teaching career will bring. In some cases, people who are naturally conformist will do well in the profession, as it won't be a struggle for them to adhere to the rules and embrace the "right" values for this line of work.

To become a teacher, a person must be willing to dedicate themselves to doing the very best they can for their students; they must also get college degrees that permit them to work as teachers. In the case of professors at college, a PhD degree may be required.

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