Why Do They Say Guaranteed Loan But You Can't Get It?


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It's probably only "guaranteed" if you meet all their conditions. They probably want you to have had the same job for a certain length of time and have lived in the same place for that length of time so they know you have an income to repay the loan and that you're less likely simply to skip town.
Lenders use several tricks to protect themselves in these "guaranteed loan" situations. Trick number one is that if your credit is marginal - recent bankruptcy, unstable work history, etc then they will charge you a rate high enough to make a loan shark smile. This is because people in these situations often don't repay their loans and the lenders want to make a profit. Trick two is that they will loan some money, but not very much. You may be buying a car worth $10K but they will only loan you $5K - you have to come up with the rest. They do this because they know they can repo the car if you don't make the payments and they will be able to recover their investment.

Here's the short answer: Don't ever stick it to a bank if you want to be able to borrow reasonable amounts at reasonable rates. Having a bad credit rating is like having a criminal record - it really limits what you can do in life.

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