What Are The Merits And Demerits Of Marketing Organisation?


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Merits and demerits in marketing organization are set up to reward or downgrade the achievements of staff members who work on marketing planning for corporations or smaller companies. A merit will be assigned if someone completes all tasks related to a certain project successfully, and generally meets or exceeds expectations. A demerit will be assigned if someone fails to meet a project timeline milestone, or otherwise does not measure up. This form of performance evaluation creates a statistic for each employee - it may even allow management to assign numerical performance grading numbers for each staff member involved with marketing organization.

  • Marketing facts

Marketing costs companies a lot of money, so tracking results and evaluating the efforts of staff can be very important. While the success of marketing measure is sometimes difficult to measure in conventional terms, there are many modern methods for discovering exactly how sales came about through marketing campaigns.

  • Tracking results

For example, if a direct mail campaign starts, and new customers start flowing into a business, management may ask their cashiers to inquire as to where the customers heard about the company. In many cases, the customers will indicate that the direct mail campaign led them to the store. This is just one way of tracking the success or failure of marketing organization in the real world.

To learn more about marketing organization and the merits and demerits of this type of business planning, consider studying marketing at a college or business school. Today, many entrepreneurs spend lots of time learning about marketing before they begin their business careers. As well, entrepreneurs who want to increase their knowledge and improve their businesses may seek out supplemental education that allows them to stay competitive. In some cases, learning formal marketing techniques can really give a business a boost and polish its public image.

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