What Are Merits And Demerits Of Newspaper?


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There are several positives and negatives of the role a newspaper provides.

The main positives of a newspaper are as follows:

•    They provide a trusted source of news on a regular basis
•    Stories are written by journalists who usually have more info than the public
•    Easy to hold to read and simple to transport
•    Simple to share around and show others a particular story
•    They can be kept forever and won't be wiped or deleted like a story on the internet

The main negatives of a newspaper are as follows:

•    The news becomes quickly out of date as soon as it is printed
•    It cannot compete with the 24 hour news TV channels and websites
•    The newspapers may only be available in certain regions or countries
•    People may not want to pay for the news anymore if they can get it for free
•    Newspapers are less environmentally friendly than websites and TV channels

Newspapers still have a vital role to play in the media. It is still one of the most trusted sources of news and the first to break many stories and exclusives. But due to the fact it cannot be updated as regularly as a website and rolling news channels it will always struggle to be the dominant force.

Most newspaper companies have combated this issue by also running a website that helps them update their readers and also brings in more revenue with little outgoings.

The future of newspapers is fairly uncertain as many think technology could spell the end of the physical printed newspaper and instead be replaced by a digital version which can be updated.
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Wide coverage
Quick Response
It is regular and frequent
it is economical
Newspapers have the shortest lifespan

It lacks quality reproduction

Element of uncertainty

That's it.

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