What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Marketing Segmentation?


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Market segmentation is useful when you have limited resources to deploy, so you need to make sure you're tapping the correct line to be able to hit your targets on schedule.
- More efficient use is made of marketing resources - less waste.
- A competitive advantage can be gained in a particular part of a market.
- It's beneficial for small firms as uses less resources.
- Products can be modified to be exactly what the consumer wants.
- Marketing mix can be more targeted.
- Guides marketing research
- Improves satisfaction
- Improves forecasting
- Identifies competition and opportunities

- Costs in actually finding out who to target
- Increased costs to develop variations of the product.
- Higher stock holding costs.
- Higher advertising and other costs.
- Increases marketing costs
- Consumer backlash
- Limits general popularity
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There is always more advantages of marketing segmentation one of the basic benefit of it,its that a business can more closely and accurately examine its customers.
And the disadvantage of it
that its quite costly in the procedure in which its carried out

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