How To Write A Letter For Lost Cheque And Issue Of New One?


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Some organizations or people may be a little reluctant to do this as the check could simply not be cashed, and then only cashed when the second check has come through. Hence, you should get in touch with the organization or person and explain to them precisely what has happened. The chances are the company already has a policy that relates to lost checks and you'll have to speak to staff over the phone or through letters concerning the matter. Naturally if it's a large sum of money you should continue to fight for your right to obtain the cash in full in the form of a second check. If the money is significantly less, however, then you may find it a problem in getting the second check from the company.

You can only try your best and be honest when it comes to a matter like this. There are some other things you can do. As soon as you realized that it is lost, make an appointment with someone at your firm who can sign checks. This is of course if the check is coming from your company. You then need to look up the company policy of your own for replacing lost checks and gather necessary7 documents.

You should then draft a letter that formally requests the replacement check through the post. If the company requires that you use a specific format or form within your letter then make sure you stick to it. Include a business letter with your request.

You should make an appointment with the other individual involved and attend with all the documents they tell you that you need to bring. If the check is destroyed then bring the remains of the check with you to prove that it has been accidentally destroyed before it was cashed in at the bank.
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Dear Sir,

We Received the Cheque which Issued by You on the name of “ Ambit Infotech”
the cheque Details as Below :
Cheque No : 075096
Cheque Amt : 1,09,782/-
Cheque Dated On : 16.12.2009
Drawn on : ICICI Bank
the cheque was misplaced by us.

So, we request you that Stop the Payment of Above mentioned Cheque.
And Kindly issue a fresh new cheque to our Company.

Kindly acknowledge the same
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letter for party one cheque lost and one cheque bounce please issue new two cheque replacement for same

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we received the cheque to help the people that was deposited bank but the banker misplaced/lost the cheque  i wish to write a letter to social welfare officer please issue new cheque

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