Is This A Real Bank Account Number 0131650411?


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I assume you want to check whether this a real bank account number, because you have been given a check (or cheque, in the UK) and you want to know whether it is legitimate or not.

The website, Consumer Fraud Reporting, says it has seen many examples of people who have been sent checks which have subsequently been proved to be fraudulent - and for all kinds of reasons.

Indeed, the site claims that, even when customers have taken these checks to their own banks for verification, the banks have not always been able to tell - at a glance - whether they are kosher or not.

Apparently, you only have to watch the film, "Catch Me If You Can" (starring Leonardo di Caprio) to see how easy it is to pass a fake check.

Sometimes, of course, the suspect checks are actually real - but they're not being used by the person they belong to, to add to the confusion!

It's worth visiting the Consumer Fraud Reporting website here, for advice on how to protect yourself against some of the more well-known scams.

The only other thing that I can suggest you do is to call the bank listed on the check itself, and ask them to confirm whether the account is indeed valid.

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I looked it up and could not find it, here is a good site, good luck with all of the scams these days

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