What people, organization, and technology issues should be considered when selecting computer hardware and software?


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I believe that when choosing a company that develops apps and software, first of all, you should pay attention to the competence of the employees and the approach they choose to work with clients. For example, the fortes software company suits me on all counts, and I know that if I need software, I can rely on it.

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The org that provides the resources and people well qualified to evaluate & recommend, then install, maintain and or train as regards your hardware and software installation is the one to select. Unless a very large org (and even there it's often not feasible) computer systems should be provided by outside, expert providers. Buy, don't build is the standard rule of thumb. This is the one answer that really answers all of your question in all of its ramifications. Good luck.
Try and go to a computer  and tech typing class I go to one and it sure does helps me out a lot and get me prepared for the  future

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