Can You Explain The Role Of Organizational Incentives And Mentoring In Developing Talent Pools?


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Organizational incentives and Mentoring plays a great role in developing and attracting a talent pool of young and energetic individuals.

Incentives are the benefits that are offered to the employees or target employees as a result to their services. Incentives are important because they are the basic attraction of a job. A company having a good incentive plan would have more and more people willing to do the job. On the other hand, a company who does not have a good incentive plan will suffer because people would be less willing to work for it. Thus, it plays a key role in attracting and developing a talent pool.

On the other hand, Mentoring is important because it is the grooming of talent pool. An organization that offers grooming opportunities will lead in having willing workers rather than the one who does not.

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