Can You Define And Explain The Role Of Manager In The Success Of Any Organization?


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A manager is a person who plans, controls, manages and directs a team of individuals. The post of manager is imperative for any organization. The role of manager is almost the same at its different positions. A manager can be a person who directs a business or enterprise or he can be a manager of accounts of a firm, organization or institute who controls expenditures and resources. In sports the manager is responsible for training, making strategies and performance of its athletes.

The role of a manager in the success of any organization is vital and pivotal. The manager of any company is the incharge of a team. He makes plans, directs his team, motivate them to achieve their goals. In a company, every department can have a manager, for example, Manager Marketing, Manager Accounts, Manager Research, and Manager Transport etc. Here the role of manager is almost the same, to manage its team. But the duties may vary according to the assignments. A company's most important position is Manager Marketing. This position must make plans and strategy to raise the company's income, increase sales, achieve sales targets, make advertisements campaigns and in some charity organizations, this position also demands to raise funds for the organization.

In short, one can say that this position resides at the backbone of any company or organization. A successful Manager can uplift the status of the company, thus make it progressive.
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Would a manager be responsible for a Secretary or any other employee for lost paper work ,Mistake's with any duties that he or she dose that they take home on there own time legally for damages,fines or be fired.

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