What Are The Importance Of Banking In Nepal?


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Banking in Nepal is as important as banking in anywhere else in the world. Banking sector is the major institutional system in Nepal which carries out the financial flow within the economy. The importance of banking in Nepal can also be understood with the emergence of e-banking in the recent years. Banking results in the mobilization of money in the economy and also helps the people to invest and store their money and also to give the money to the debtors to precede their businesses and give financial benefits to the economy.
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Banking sector is the lead economic of the country. In the developing country, most of people are under the poverty line. The Banks should provide good and trustable facility. Now banking sector have been going to internet banking so it is very importance things are security and easyness and everywhere available facility. Importance things are
1.Ease of use
2. Usefulness
3. Need of interaction
4. Security/ Riskiness
4. Reliability of transaction
5. Privacy
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The Banking system is the very essential part in every business. The Bank plays the vital role in any economics. Every country should make good procedures of the banking in economics.
The Banks are really such a good business of a people which the business can grows.

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