What Are Different Types Of Role Stress In An Organizations?


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Role stress  A role is a type of behavior, in relation to other, that the individuals display. Following are some of the types of Role stress:  (a) Role ambiguity is a situation where and individuals is not sure what his role is, or when those around him are not clear what his role is. This may arise for a manager through:    1. Uncertainty about the responsibilities of his job;  2. Uncertainty about other people's expectations of him;  3. Lack of clarity about how his performance is evaluated.  (b) Role conflict occurs when the individual is called upon to act in several roles at the same time, and they are incompatible – e. G. The dual roles of a working mother, or a participative manager called upon to administer discipline.    (c) Role overload occurs when an individual has too many roles to cope with, and feels out of his depth – e. G. On moving from a functional to a general management position.  (d) Role under-load occurs when an individual moves into a role or set of roles which he perceives as being below his capacity (i.e. Out line of with his self-concept). Delegation may make a manager feel un-needed and insecure. Monotony may be as stressful as constant change and challenge.
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