What Are The Problems Being Faced By Women Entrepreneurs In Pakistan, Relating To The Access Of Information?


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The term Women Entrepreneur refers to a woman who is running her own or family own business. Women Entrepreneurs have to face several problems in many developing Countries and Pakistan is not exception.

The Lack of Access to information especial information relating to Business and Technology poses a major hindrance in the progress of women owned enterprises in Pakistan. Women, in Pakistan, have limited access to technology and information, which leads to many problems. Their access to information is mainly limited because of the restraint on their mobility and communication due to socio-cultural factors. Lack of access to information hinders women entrepreneurs in many ways. A new start-up is never an easy job and it is made more difficult when access to information regarding laws and regulations is limited. Also women entrepreneurs, due to their limited resources and limited accessibility usually do not have information about supplies, middles men and lack know how about working out the feasibility of their start-ups. The lack of access to information and technology also leads to certain marketing problems, such as packaging and designing. With better access to business and technical information women entrepreneurs could also avail the opportunity of marketing and selling through the World Wide Web.

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