What Kind Of Business Can Get A Grant?


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Generally, in the U.S. a 501 (c) 3 agency (not-for-profit business) can apply for grants. Also, there are grants for starting a new business available from the U.S. government, and individual citizens can also apply for certain types of government grants: for college, for a down payment on a home if you are a first time buyer, to repair major environmental damage to your property, etc.
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charles battis answered
You can get grants to (start,expand,payroll,inhomeect.) business. is only one site that you can go to .go to gov.grants .com and you will see a list as long as your be carefull, don't pay for any of the info , because its free to the public .so stay away from the offers that require money from you.also you might want to try gov, (.net) these will also have the info that you are looking for .also you can contact your local state rep. They will also help with the papers that are required. Best of luck in your search.

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