Who Is Robert Newhart, American Grant Network, New York?


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Robert Newhart - if that is his real name, which is unlikely - is a con artist. He (or the team of people who have worked under his name) set up the company ‘American Grant Network’, which has over the years exploited thousands of US citizens, stealing their money. The company claimed to offer a range of products, mainly financial services, as well as a free CD, which upon delivery didn’t work. But to receive the company’s products, customers had to hand over valuable credit card details. The company used these details to withdraw money from customer accounts without providing a valid product. The company then did all it could to avoid customer complaints, and customers were rarely refunded.

Most customers stumbled across American Grant Network whilst looking for a government grant. They were then hoodwinked by the company which stole their money. Their scam worked for a number of years in recent times, although the large number of complaints made by customers brought the company to the attention of the police; the case is now being subjected to a criminal investigation. Although many will never be able to claim back the money they lost, they can rest assured the criminals are being brought to justice.

It is vitally important you never give out your credit card details to any company that you have no credentials for. If you have never heard of the company, research it first - you may discover it is a scam. If unsure, don’t give your details up; check with official standard agencies to see if they have approved the company. If they haven’t, steer clear. Being a victim of credit card crime is a terrible experience - practice vigilance at all times to ensure it doesn’t happen to you.

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