Who is D.R.B Grant?


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D.R.B Grant is the well-known founder of a school in Jamaica; this school is called the Watermount All Ages School. Situated in a pastoral farming region of Jamaica, the school's mission is to educate students of the area, so that they can begin to alleviate the poverty and hardship afflicting the region.

• About Watermount

In the 1950s, the original Watermount School was ravaged by a hurricane, so it needed to be painstakingly restored. Over time, the restorations and repairs were completed, and the school opened its doors once more. Currently, the school founded by D.R.B. Grant teaches students from the first grade to the tenth grade. The educational institution also offers a wide range of after-school activities, such as sports like cricket, which is always a popular pastime in the West Indies.

• D.R.B Grant's legacy

There isn't much information out there about D.R.B. Grant, but his legacy remains clear each time the Watermount School opens and many young minds benefit from its teachers and its welcoming atmosphere. Though Grant began his career in a vastly different time, he had the vision and foresight to give the community of Watermount the educational tools they needed to give their children every possible opportunity.

• Proper schooling Is vital for progress

In poverty-stricken areas, children must cope with so many pressures, such as malnutrition, insufficient medical care, and crowded or inadequate housing. In order to assist children in gaining knowledge that will help them attain good careers that offer a way out of poverty, proper schooling is very important.

Educational directors, such as D.R.B Grant, realized that excellent educations provide students with tool-kits for later success in life. Today, the people of Jamaica are grateful for the accomplishments of D.R.B. Grant and his ilk, because these visionaries have pushed forward the cause of social justice and progress in their home country.

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