What Are Modern Trends In Consumerism? Can You Give Me Some Examples Please?


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One can find some other interesting changes in consumerism during last three decades specially. Consumer is highly active in making and implementing purchase decisions.    Shopaholic, the term established in recent past, describes high spending habit of modern consumer who was a careful spender few decades back. Old trend was to save more and modern one is to spend more. Even adolescence consumer takes full freedom of choice and picks the product or service of choice. Despite this high involvement in buying process and projection of stronger self, modern consumer demonstrates another contrary but interesting attribute of being at home. The home delivery, doorstep solution, home offices and home like environment show this practically in different branding strategies.      Gender war is not new in consumer market. Modern consumer, like the old one, is also conscious of personal identity and self-concept. Many products like different food items, cars, bikes, stationery and perfumes are branded on gender divide. Male consumers show independence in buying and they aim for material benefit and reliance in their purchases. Whereas, female consumers show a different buying behaviour, they show dependence, and mainly buy for emotional or psychological benefit of the product or service. Even in this situation many products are free from gender divide i.e., computers, software, movies and educational products.

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