How Do You See The Changes In Consumerism And Its Impact Over Business During The Last Two Decades?


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Consumerism has evolved largely during last few decades. Now consumers are more powerful as they are aware of their rights, choices and alternatives available. Many new gender and culture based demographic groups have emerged in the scene. Making strong and profitable brand hiddenite amidst modern, diverse and ever changing consumerism is one of the challenges faced by modern marketing. The companies those will vigilantly observe and track the changes in consumer behaviour can only develop good brand identities.

Modern demographic trends especially youth and gender related trends are more in focus. Making and surviving brand identities is not an easy game in intense competitive global scenario, it will always require great level of market awareness, modern R&D and persistent marketing efforts. To cope with branding challenges companies like Gillette, Micro Soft, 3M, P&G, Toyota, Sony and Amazon have a long list of products and services in pipeline for the days to come.

They constantly work on these products and make these products more compatible and likeable for the consumers. Key to success is getting ready with a futuristic vision of success, as good companies do not believe in predicting future but in creating future. No company can create future without creating strong brand iddenite.

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