Could Someone Describe The Purpose Of Packaging And Labels?


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Packaging and labeling have five main purposes which are presenting here one by one.

1. Physical protection of the object
The physical protection is necessary because it defend your object from outerly forces like heat of sunlight, coldness, liquid etc. Therefore, we can say that no object can be completed without physical protection.
2. Information transmission
This is very crucial information which is printed on the cover of any object to pleased the government and customers and it also gives detail of using and disposing of that particular product.
3. Marketing
There are many marketers who use packaging and labeling for marketing because they believe that marketing cannot be done without designing of product and it is a huge issue from last several years.

4. Agglomeration
Usally, almost all companies joined tiny items into one big package to show their efficeiency. In this way, they save product cost like physical handling. Box of pencils is an example of combining little products. On the other hand, Salt is an item which can be separated into packages.

5. Reducing theft
We have neumerous products in the market. To reduce theft, several packages are prepared bigger than they should. Software package is an example of reducing theft because it is consit of only one disc while it can hold neumerous discs.
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Packaging consists of all the activities of designing and producing the container or wrapper for a product. Labelling is the part of a product that carriers information about the product and the seller. A label may be part of a package, or it may be a tag attached to the product. Obviously there is a close relationship between labelling and packaging. Packaging and labelling are intended to serve several vital purposes.

• Protect the product on its way to the customer. A package protects a product during shipment. The design & size of packaging and writhing care mention on label can also help the dealer shoplifting.
• Provide the protection after the product I purchased. Compared with bulk items, packaged goods generally are more convenient, cleaner, and less susceptible to losses from vaporization, spilling and spoilage. Also "childproof" closures the want children from opening & using the containers of medicines and other potentially harmful product.
• Help gain acceptance of the product from middlemen. A product must be package to meet the needs of wholesaling and retailing middleman.

• Help persuade consumers to buy the product. Packaging can assist in getting a product noticed by consumers. It is very important because average shopkeeper spend 20 mints in the store, viewing 20 products a second. At the time of purchase such as supermarkets aisle the package can serve as a silent sales person. In the case of middlemen's brands, which typically are not advertised heavily, packaging must serve as the means of communicating with shoppers.
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Packaging and labelling plays a vital role and is very well integrated in our daily lives. By packaging we mean enclosing a product. Packaging also plays the role of identifying a product from another along with protecting the contents of the package.

Labelling means the instructions in written form (includes symbols as well) posted on the containers containing the packaged goods. These instructions or information can be of various types, such as how to use a particular product, date of expiry of the contents, date of production, number of calories, fat, price of the product and opening instructions etc.

Over all packaging and labelling is used for the subsequent purposes. These are:
the physical protection of the product itself, protection against the dust particles and germs, ease of physically handling the package contents, information transmitting, marketing the product to the target market, reducing the chances of theft of a product ( the bigger the package that more difficult it would be to move it), and prevention from pilferage and tampering.

Packaging is of various types and the package type is decided depending on the contents of the package. These can be in bags, bottles, boxes, cans, cartons, envelopes, and wrappers etc.
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The role of packaging in marketing has become quite significant as it is one of the ways companies can get consumers to notice products.

A common use of packaging is marketing. The packaging and labels can be used by marketers to encourage potential buyers to purchase the product.

Packaging is also used for convenience and information transmission. Packages and labels communicate how to use, transport, recycle, or dispose of the package or product.

Labels serve to capture the attention of shoppers as well as provide useful information regarding the product.

Labels are attached on the product package to provide information such as manufacturer of the product, date of manufacture, date of expiry, its ingredients, how to use the product, and its handling.

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Packaging and labeling have an important role in our daily life. Packaging means to enclose a physical object which needs protection from tampering.

Label means a name (usually company's or brand name), logo or written communication that is placed on the package to guide users. Label is commonly used to mean a small, sticky piece of paper. For example, one can paste labels on floppy disks to indicate what data is stored on them.

There is a wide variety of packaging and it depends upon the product to product: like Bottles, wrappers, boxes, bags, cans, tin, cartons etc

Packaging and labeling is used for numerous purposes. These are as follows:

• With the help of packaging, the objects which need protection are safe from physical damage.

• Packaging can increase the shelf life of the product by keeping them fresh and clean like Can food etc.

• On some packages or labels its important to inform or guide the users on how to use, transport, or dispose the package or product.

• Packaging and labels is a good marketing tool as well. It can be used to attract potential buyers to buy the product.

• Packaging and labeling helps in distinguishing one brand from another.
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The art of closing products for their safety, protection, marketing, storage and use is known as Packaging,Labeling, on the other hand is done for communication in the form of writing or graphics to send the message to the customer (in the form or logo). It is the packaging and the labeling of any product that separates every product from each other and that is the way a customer recognizes his/her favourite product. The main purpose of packaging and labeling is protection of the item from temperature, oxygen, water vapour, damage, compression etc. Basically keeping it intact, fresh and safe is the primary goal. Secondly, the importance of communicating information to the society about the product's usage tips, transportation and disposal methods. This is in the form of labeling and is very important in items such as medicines, food etc. Thirdly, it is very important for all companies to market their products, through effective and well designed packaging and labeling to attract customers for choosing their products over others. The only way to fight competition is to have excellent modes of packaging and labeling of the product done. Also packaging reduces all risks involved in shipment. During shipment of products, a lot of tampering can be done but packaging helps reduce this.
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Packaging has become so much necessary for every type of business these days. Every company wanna show their products as much attractive as they can so that people can purchase them.

The first and most important purpose of packaging is to make your products safe and secure for long time. Secondly It can be promotional purpose about company or brands. In this way anyone can know about the manufacturer on specific product.

Labels are so much helpful to give proper product description and other information. I can suggest you one best packaging boxes and labels printing company that is the custom packaging boxes, based in USA that offers every type of custom printing services online.

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Your not answering the question it says that do you know the PURPOSE of the packaging

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