What Does Clamshell Packaging Look Like?


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Clamshell packaging comes in a shape of a clamshell, which means that the product you want to package will be opened in a form of a clam. Mostly, the clamshell packaging is airtight and gives maximum protection. It saves a lot of money and space compared to other types of packaging. The best example of a clamshell packaging would be the soft plastic covers of CDs. Other example of a clamshell is a flip cell phone. It is in a shape of a clam shell. Most of the clamshell packaging is made out of soft plastic so it is quite cheap and durable.
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Clam shell packaging is one of the most common types of packaging. It is the airtight package made of the very hard plastic (it is the one that is nearly impossible to open). It is also really bad for the environment.
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It closes and opens like a clam and is sealed to prevent leaks or moisture getting in

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