Why Do People Have To Compete With Others?


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From what I've experienced and see generally People Are competitive and like for instance with women / girls etc You know how competitive Cheerleader teams /Squads can be  They want to be  above . They got their compettive Streak it helps them keep their Teams strong etc .  Also

Also these behaviors people obtain is because they want to be A PART OF THE ( IN CROWD )
In the  40's till now  now Jazz musicians and jazz Fanatics used the terms To fit in don't be Square lol

Terms like these led our culture to progressively starting Gangs and Fitting in with terms called Clicks Gangs are somewhat compettive or possesive with their Turf and Rules / Styles

{ Competitive Compulsion } is a good thing because it also can make someone acheive their goals .
In the Olympics for instance  Spotring Events  (Athletes Got to be Competetive to compete or win )  How far they push themselves is Called Physical Endurance
Compete in Sporting events to win

General Society Norms Competitve People usually are overcompulsive and Really Set in their Ways ~~WHY DO PEOPLE HAVE TO COMPETE WITH OTHERS ?

IN THE CORPORATE WORLD This Behavior is just part of Moving up the ladder @ a particular job etc... Especially in Managemt Job Feilds

Every person has compettive personality traits because We all got to or want to acheive our goals .
BTW  I am a Non Practicing Psychologist

Being Compettive helps me live day to day being I need to overcome pain and struggles
I live in a Wheelchair I am compettive always wanting to do better than I did yesterday I am competetive with my friends when we play ball etc...

Being a non practicing psychologist I know Compettive people like the Rush of Doing their best
I am Competive and always got to Push myself to be the Best I Can

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