What Are The Stages Of Group Development Process In An Organization?


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There are following five stages through which a group forms and develops.

Stage 1: FORMING
During this 'ice-breaking' stage, group members become uncertain about their role, who is in charge, and the group's goals. Mutual trust is low. If the formal leader does not assert his authority, an emergent leader will step in to fulfill the group's need for leadership.

This is a time of testing. Individuals test the leader's policies and assumptions as they try to determine how they fit into the power structure. A Sub group takes shape, and it is not easy to detect rebellion. Many groups delay in stage two.

Stage 3: NORMING
Groups that make it through stage two generally do so because a member, other than the leader, challenges the group to resolve its power so something can be achieved .Questions on authority and power are resolved through unemotional group discussion. A feeling of team spirit is experienced because members believe they have found their proper roles.

Activity during this stage is focused on solving task problems. As members of a mature group, contributors get their work done without hampering others. There is a climate of communication and strong cooperation.

The work is done. It is time to move on to other things. Having worked so hard to get along and get something done, many members feel a compelling sense of loss.

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