Why Does The Employment Development Department (EDD) Want To Interview Me On The Telephone?


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You may be requested to undergo a telephone interview with an EDD officer for a number of reasons, the most common of which would be to discuss your unemployment insurance claim.

Why does the EDD want to speak to me?
The EDD (Employment Development Department) is a part of California's state workforce and development agency.

Often, they'll be interested in verifying the circumstances in which you became unemployed. (This will be double-checked with your previous employer, so there's no point lying about it.)

Even though you may have been previously claiming unemployment insurance or disability insurance through the EDD, the department may need to get in touch with you to verify or update their accounts.

What should I do about my EDD telephone interview?
If you've been requested to undergo a phone interview, the best thing to do is to get it over with.
Often, people worry that they'll stop receiving insurance benefit, so they just ignore the EDD's request.

For people like that, I'd ask them to bear in mind that the EDD could actually request that you come and visit them for a face-to-face interview. By asking you to undergo a phone interview, the EDD is trying to save you time, money and effort.

Also, you can expect any insurance payments you're receiving to come to a halt until you speak to an EDD officer.
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They schedule a telephone interview to clarify any questions they may regarding your ongoing unemployment claim.

If you have been on unemployment for a few months already and have been sucessfully receiving checks, it may be question with the stub you sent in.

You may have checked, "no, I am not looking for work" or "yes, I have refused work" and they are calling to get more details.

As long as you answer the questions truthfully, or are very good at lying (so as to make sure you are not caught in a lie) you should be fine!

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