What Should I Do If I Missed My Phone Interview?


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Whether you've missed a phone interview from a potential employer or a call from EDD unemployment, you'll want to do two things:

  • Come up with a good reason for missing their phone call
  • Phone them back
What do I do if you missed your phone interview An interviewer who calls you on the phone usually does so because it is more convenient than having you travel for a physical interview.

An experienced interviewer will know that you can't possibly be sitting by your phone waiting for it to ring all day.

If they don't manage to get hold of you, a conscientious employer will do one of two things:

  • They'll leave their contact details in a message and ask you to call them back at your discretion.
  • They will simply try contacting you again at a later time.
As long as you get back in touch and come up with a reasonable excuse for not being able to get to the phone, an interviewer generally won't be troubled by the fact they couldn't get hold of you the first time round.

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