How Do I Answer The Interview Question: 'Why Do You Want To Join The Airline Industry?'


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The question of 'why you want to join the airline industry' is very likely to come up in an interview if you're applying to work for an airline.

Here's how best to answer the question when you're asked it:

Benefits of working for an airline

When you start answering this question, make sure you begin by giving reasons that will also be attractive to a potential employer.

Although it might sound as if your interviewer is interested in what you'll get out of the job, he/she will also be interested to find out whether your attitude, ambitions and expectations match what the company in question is looking for.

For example, most companies want to take on staff that they'll be able to retain, they don't want to have to recruit someone else after a couple of months.

So your first point might be something like "The airline industry is one I can see myself developing and progressing in- I'd really like to have a long career in the industry".

Why work in aviation? Try and give as much detail and information as possible, and an interviewer is always impressed by a candidate who knows what they're talking about.

Here are some reasons for wanting to work in aviation:

  • It has a large job market
  • Chances of progression are good
  • It offers opportunities to move to another city in the future
  • It's a growing industry
  • It provides exciting travel opportunities
  • It'll allow you to meet new people and interact with people in a positive atmosphere
  • There are a wide variety of jobs available in the industry - you may be able to retrain in various fields.
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I want to join an airline because it's a very challenging sector, glamorous, and the fastest-growing sector in India. It will give me a good future to me and improve attitude.
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There are many supporting points behind this:

First - better growth opportunity
Second- a booming industry nowadays, so better to go with this industry.

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