Discuss The Five Major Product Strategies Available To Global Marketers?


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There are five major product strategies in international marketing.
Product communications extension
This strategy is very low cost and merely takes the same product and communication strategy into other markets. However it can be risky if misjudgments are made. For example CPC International believed the US consumer would take to dry soups, which dominate the European market. It did not work.

Extended product - communications adaptation
If the product basically fits the different needs or segments of a market it may need an adjustment in marketing communications only. Again this is a low cost strategy, but different product functions have to be identified and a suitable communications mix developed.
Product adaptation - communications extension
The product is adapted to fit usage conditions but the communication stays the same. The assumption is that the product will serve the same function in foreign markets under different usage conditions.
Product adaptation - communications adaptation
Both product and communication strategies need attention to fit the peculiar need of the market.
Product invention
This needs a totally new idea to fit the exclusive conditions of the market. This is very much a strategy which could be ideal in a Third World situation. The development costs may be high, but the advantages are also very high.

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