What Are The Major Factors Which Are Responsible For Change In Organization?


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The major factors which are responsible for changes in organization include staff changes, such as hiring, firings, and other sorts of turnover. Another key reason for changes in organization is takeover by other companies - when one company buys another one, there may be major shifts and changes within the company that is purchased. In the case of hostile, or unfriendly, takeovers, there can be huge changes in staff configurations, and many jobs may actually be changed or even eliminated as new management takes the reins. A general shift in the values or ideologies of an organization can also impact the organizational structure of that business or corporation - roles and job responsibilities may be revised, and the status quo may be changed forever.

  • Learning about business

In business, those at the top are in control, unless a powerful union of workers is organized to stand up to management. Therefore, upper management are almost always the ones who decide to make changes in organization at a business. In the case of middle management, these types of workers will have limited power to effect big changes. Lower management will likely have very little say over how a company or corporation is organized. Lastly, the regular workers in a company will have no say at all about these matters, unless middle or upper management actively solicits their views and opinions.

  • Making the right decisions

Making the right business decisions requires training, education, and experience. Some managers are clueless; however, other managers understand the entire scope of their businesses, and they know how to implement changes that push their companies into brighter futures.

Studying business at college or university, in a formal MBA program, may be the best way to gain the knowledge needed to succeed at management. Often, the world's best COO's and CEO's start out as MBA students.

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