Can You Give Me Four Reasons Why We Should Hire You?


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It is in the destiny of a person while joining a profession or looking towards a job, he or she has to pass through so many tough interviews conducted by the employers . As they will pay you they tries to find a candidate who has much more than they want the capabilities and requirement that is required by the said job. A candidate needs to be well prepared to answer such questions. Like tell me in one word why should we hire you or something like give any of the four reasons that can briefly explain the reason of hiring you.

In my opinion the four reasons should be as under:

1 – First of all you should hire me because I am educated and I understand what your job requirements can be.

2 –Secondly I am young energetic full of enthusiasm and above all always ready to face all challenges.

3 –I am a goal oriented person who loves to work in team. I also understands that a person can achieve his target is only possible if its team is good and ready to work with.

4 –And Last but not least I have a potential to reach the heights of success and I am also confident on saying that I am fully capable of having your seat for myself in near future.
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If you are asked the question "Why
should we hire you?” You want to answer by showing that you solved the problems
that caused them to post the job in the first place. Hiring someone is the
solution to the problem that they are having. That problem is outlined in the
job description.

So if you are asked the question, "What
are four reasons why we should hire you?" You simply identify four
requirements the job description and explain how you solve each of those
requirements, and how you're experience matches those requirements.

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