How to tackle the question, “Why should we hire you?”?


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Kidddas WG answered

If that question asked "why should we hire u" in the job interview.

u can answer that ur good at making customers satisfied.

u can also say that ur can show up on time and u can cover someone else shift if they not gonna be here.

u can also say that ur friendly clean and quick

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Joyce Hall answered

Becuz I'm qualified(and u need the help?)

I'm honest and a team player.

I can help u and your company

(provided these things are true)

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PJ Stein answered

It really depends on your situation. I pointed out how long I stayed with my previous employer, showing loytalty. I mentioned my ability to defuse upset customers. (The job involved collections, so there were bound to be upset customers.)

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Brahmani Manogna , Btech Graduate (ECE), answered

Its very tough to tackle the question,

Yes, I am very anxious to start my career as early as possible. I find everything best about this organization. So, my instant is also very much willing to stat my job particular this company. Alright and especially, will any company offering any job for the very first time. I don't want to give it a miss.

Likewise you can answer in a systematic way, There are some mock interviews conducted in online like- InterviewBuddy . InterviewBuddy is one such good platform where you can have sessions with the industry experts.

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Nealious James answered

Hi there! You have to highlight your skills,
experiences and qualifications. You will have to prove that you can bring
something new to the organisation and that with your help, results can get
better in various ways. Once you have talked about it all, just leave things in
the hands of the employer!

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Matilda Kunher answered

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