Interview Question: Why Should I Hire You?


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Be confident and with a smile answer this question like:

You should hire me because I believe that I will be an asset to your company. I am hardworking, team player, have a good communication skill,  have what it takes to solve problems and do the job. As you can see by my CV I have the experience which you are looking for this post. Most of all, I am reliable and will always be here when ever the company need  my services. I look forward to be a part of this company.

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This question (Why should I hire you) when asked at interview is often referred to as an 'ice breaker' because it is a way of getting to know you and is an 'easy' question (in some ways). So you have to deliver the information in an energetic and confident manner, whilst taking care not to oversell yourself.
Usually the interviewers will be looking for standard information, so try phrasing it along the lines of 'I think I would make a valuable contribution to your team. I am hardworking, punctual, I deliver to deadlines and I am very flxible, a good team player, but am able to make decisions and accept resonsibility for my work'. It may then be useful to elaborate on any relevant experience you may have which would be an asset to their company/organisation.
To practise your oral skills before the interview, go through questions which you think you will be asked and formulate your response to them. Then go through these aloud so that you can become more confident. After this go through them with your friends or family, so that they can help you with feedback and Good Luck!
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If you want an answer for you interview then be confident and keep a smile on your face. Well now coming to your question Why We Should Hire You

Take few seconds to gather the information and the skills you have related to the job then tell them that

You should hire me because I know I will be a great asset to your company. As you can see my CV I have fulfilled all the requirements related to this job. I am energetic, hard working and always ready to take challenges. And you wont regret to have me as a part of your team.

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I am a skilled worker who is suited for your company. I am well aware of my skills and interests and feel that we both will gain from our association. I am good, hard working and sincere worker.

I have good communication skills and can adapt and adjust to the new environment well. I am trustworthy human being who is a good listener and ready to help colleagues when required.

My profile is suited to your requirements and you can check with my previous employer about my clean record and I am sure they will give you a positive feedback. I am co-operative and always meet the deadlines and my work is of very high quality. My academic record has been exemplary and is a perfect fit for your concern.

My style of work is very good; I am not intrusive in other's work and ready to lend a helping hand. All in all I am confident that you will not be disappointed with me.
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I have the ability , knowledge, and good qualification to work in you organisation. Also it can be altered as: Its just because my aim meets with your future plans. Or I am a better candidate meeting all the requirements for the position posted with my additional skill sets of positive attitude, crisis manageable and hard working.
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I hope that I am having the qualities and skills which you looking out for. And I can be an asset for your company because I am a motivator and organizer and these skills have enabled me to effectively defuse problem situations. I can maintain records, perform numerical calculations with accuracy and I need little direction from the experienced people to complete assigned tasks. These are the qualities that make an excellent Sales Representative.
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If you want to sell real estate you should be able to sell yourself.  You will never know as much about any property as you know about yourself.  This is your chance to hit a homerun.
I'm not in real estate but I imagine that selling properties in the present market are the issues that are most on the real estate mind at present.
In addition to selling yourself you need to show how your skills relate to the problems they need to solve, right now.
The above comments by xarsh are excellent.
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I think I would perform good communication skills with customers and I am capable of leading a team and submit the result within the given time. I can  work  individually. I am a good orator ,amicable,adaptive.
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In addition to the two answers which are excellent answers, I would like to add that you should be able to demonstrate by example how your skills, abilities and knowledge best fit their requirements. Be ready to make a mock presentation in case you get asked to sell them something. 
Good luck.
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With my experience in the area of client interface and team management that is required in this position, I will be able to gain clients trust and business. I manage well under pressure and I am a great team leader and delegate well. I seek opportunities that other might not see and I have the energy and enthusiasm to get the best results for our clients needs. I feel the companies and clients needs come first and my job is to meet the clients and companies goals.
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Because  I think I'm fit for this position. And I also realized that there other likely candidates who also have the ability to do this job.Yet I bring additional quality that makes fit this position that is my passion for work,passion for excellence and my optimistic personality .
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This is the most important questions asked by interviewer in any interview. Your answer should summarize the best reasons to hire you. It’s better to have three or four strong reasons with memorable descriptions.

You have to describe your skills and how they are useful for your job description. Your 3-4 bullet points could include a combination of the following:

  • Industry experience
  • Experience in performing certain tasks or duties
  • Technical skills
  • Soft skills
  • Key accomplishments
  • Awards/accolades
  • Education/training

Accomplishments and success stories are always good bets.

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