Why Am I The Best Candidate For The Job?


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Well you get to the end of that job interview all the questions seem to have gone great and then they always ask ‘Why are you the best candidate for the job.’ If you’re quite a confident person then you should no problem answering it, but if you’re a little shyer and feel uncomfortable making yourself sound your best then you could struggle.
But all you really need to do is believe in yourself which you must do to have even bothered applying and going for the job interview. So don’t let yourself down. The company or employer already knows everything you told them on your application and has gained an idea of you from the other questions you’ve answered so this is the point to finish the sale. Let them know exactly why you believe you are the best one for the job, discuss any and all the skills you have that you’ve maybe not mentioned yet and those most important skills you’ve already mentioned, by all means mention them again.
Talk about what you believe you can bring to the job and what you hope to gain back from it yourself, because you’re going to be able to bring new things to it that are completely different to someone else as everyone has different experiences of life. But you’re also going to learn new things and someone who can say what they’re looking forward to and hoping to gain from the job as well as what they can bring to it is the best person for the job. Along with their qualifications and skills.
Being the best person for the job is about being what the company and employer want and since you’re at the interview they already think you are. So in the end it comes down to you believing it too and if you can, then you’ll give the interview and the job everything you’ve got.
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I am honest, hard working, dependable, a quick learner, never call in sick, always on time, good with people, dress appropriately, and keep good hygiene. Hope there is something here you can use.
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Because I am hardworking, responsible and quick learner. Even tough, I do not have much experience, I believe I can be a dependable person.
It is important to show them how much you want this job. Everything must be HONEST.
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This isn't a fair question, unless you know everything there is to know about the other candidates.  you should mention anything in your experience that relates to the position.  also, why you are interested in it.  the more interest you show, the more likely you will do a good job.  and if you don't know much about the job, and have little or no experience, you should still talk about your work ethic and willingness/ability to learn things quickly.
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It's actually one of the challenging questions an HR can ask, and I can tell you that the best thing you can do is be confident, or at least act like you are. It always works for me, and that way, I managed to get hired for a job that I discovered on layboard.in, so confidence is the key, even if you think that other candidates may be better than you.

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Reliable, hard working, but I'm only 17, I haven't had to do a job interview yet

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