What is the best way to respond to this interviewer's question: "What are the reasons why you think you are an outstanding candidate for this job?"


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Poppy O'Hair answered

Well, list what you are PHENOMENAL at (particularly the skills required for the job) and then mention what you've been getting better at.

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Marta Catalano answered

Interviews are a great way to know how a person might behave in the workplace and if he or she might be a good candidate for that position.

The one you posted is one of those common questions that always pop out during interviews. One of the best ways to answer it is to list two ore more qualities that you know that are fit for that position and give some concrete evidence. You should be concise and clear and always give good examples of previous experience. You could say that you're fit for that position because you're passionate and enthusiastic but you should also show with concrete examples how these qualities might be useful. You could give examples of circumstances in which your passion and enthusiasm helped you get good results.

Here's a good top 10 interview questions that are quite useful to read. Always remember to go a prepared before the interview and do some research about the company you want to work with. This way you'll know exactly what they expect from their employees and you could show them you got exactly what they look for.

Hope this helps!

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