How Can I Get A Private Student Loan With Low Credit Score And Low Income And No Co-signer?


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None of the answers provided here make sense and answering even your question.

for example the person called Katelyn asked you to go to
Here what you get when you fill out the application telling you have no cosigner as an undergraduate student:

"It is Recommended to Try Using a Co-Signer

A co-signer is a
joint signer of a promissory note. Undergraduate students should apply
with a creditworthy co-signer when seeking a student loan. Having a
credit worthy Co-Signer will dramatically increase your chances of
approval and  is likely to reduce the interest rate the lender charges
by a substantial margin. Some lenders require you to apply with a
co-signer regardless of your income or credit rating.
Most lenders require a borrower to have a strong credit score (good to
excellent) in addition to other criteria such as no negative credit
history (missed payments), debt-to-income ratio (amount of debt vs.
Your current income) and proof of current employment and income. Many
times the amount of income is not important, only that you are employed
and have income. If you are a student without income or a strong credit
history you'll almost certainly need to apply with a credit-worthy

and don't get it wrong! It doesn't mean you might have an option to get a loan without it noway! I have the same situation like you and know all about the FAFSA and ... But need just the loan for the back balance to be able to resume my school to graduate.. I have not been able to find one lender to give me the loan I need yet. And guess what? I have my wife who has no good credit but make goo mone so that I can srat making payments even instantly up to 500 per month but no luck yet.

If any of these guys answering you, happened to know a lender borrowing 10,000 paying directly to the school and asking me for making 500 a month, I am ready to get the deal instantly.

If you also happened to find a lender please post your success story here too.
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Hi there,

First of all, don't worry, you're not the only one with a low credit score who's trying to apply for student loans. And it's ok that you
don't have a co-signer either, not all lenders require one. My best suggestion for you in your situation is to do a lot of research on your options. Taking your first offer may not always be the best choice, because you could get something better from some other lender. It also helps to know what you're getting into when applying for a loan... There are so many terms and concepts out there that many people don't understand. I suggest checking out Tuition Bids' FAQ section or Student Loan glossary to help you do some research But either way, you should also compare offers for loan options. I
, a site that lets you pick the best option from offers from up to six
different lenders. That way you can find the offer that matches your

Best wishes as you look for your perfect loan!

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If you haven't filled out a FAFSA yet, you need to go on line and do so. This will automatically determine whether you're eligible for Pell grant and state scholarships. It will also determine how much in federally backed, private loans are available to you. The lower your income the less you have to pay. You need to file soon so that you will not have to put the money out "up front". By the way FAFSA is the initials for "Free Application for Federal Student Aid". Good luck!
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For credit cardholders
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Well, today getting student loan is really very easy, just browse online, choose the lender you want, fill an online application, few formalities and you get the loan. In fact today you can also opt for student loan without cosigner, this will help you to remove burden from your parent’s shoulders as well. About the repayment of the loan, it varies lender to lender.

But make sure that you examine the lender well before borrowing the loan.
All the best!
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It all comes down to your credit situation. If you don't have good credit, then you will most likely be limited to getting federal student loans, if you have good credit then you may be able to get a private student loan. If your credit isn't where it should be then you will have to get a cosigner, although there still could be an off-chance of finding a private student loan without cosigner. Hope this helps, good luck.
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Bу consolidating уουr private student loans, уου саn hаνе one payment, one amount (probably wіth a sum much less thаn thе two οr more уου аrе presently carrying), οn one day οf thе month, аt one interest rate, аnd wіth one maturity date. And, іf уου аrе nοt careful, уου саn hаνе one bіg problem.
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It is easy to get private student loans with low credit check. You can find lenders on the internet that offer student loans even if you have low credit. There is also no cosigner student loans available that does not require any cosigner also. But before applying for the loan you must read the terms and conditions and get satisfied. You can apply either through online or offline.

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