How Does An 8 Year Old Make Money?


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A 8 year old can make money by selling cookies and brownies,selling lemonade,raking your
naghbors leaves,and shuffle your naghbors snow it works for me and I made 800,000 dollors
in a year.
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Do you get an allowance for chores around the house? Maybe you could talk to your parents about that if you don't. Or if you already do, and want to make more money, offer to do extra stuff around the house like pulling weeds or whatever. Maybe your neighbors or relatives have some work you could do. You could offer to do yard work, walk the dog or give it a bath, help then clean a garage or basement. Just talk to them and see what they can do for you. Just remember, always do your best at whatever job you have and work hard cause there is almost always no such thing as "easy money", and if you do a good job, they'll hire you again if you need money later.
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For a very long time it has been the practice of families to pay a child for doing certain chores for his parents. Sometimes they take out the trash or dust the living room, fold the clean clothes or keep their own bedrooms clean and neat. Outside the house Dad could use help with raking leaves in the fall or cleaning out the flower beds in the spring or pulling weeds out of the grass. Ask Mom or Dad if you could help with these chores and if they will pay you to help. You are a bit too young to be using a lawn mower without supervision but in a few years you can make some good money in the summer mowing lawns for your son earned almost $2,000 one summer doing just that. Good Luck!
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You find something that adults find cute in a 8 year old kid

like setting up a lemonade stand

I'm only 14...I remember how I made money
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Do a buisness like when I was Little I did a Flower buisness. I got a bunch of money form it. You can clean out stuff for people  to. If you do a good job they will tell you to do it for them another time. Even give you a good tip. You can do some baking sales. Like Cupcakes are the best at saleing. You can go when it is Summer go in front of a store ans sell stuff like...

  and lots more
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You do a little shop or a bake sale and of course helping you're parents by for example washing  the dishes' folding clothes or cleaning the house.
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You can make money by celling jewlery stuff you don't need. Anything! Tip: Don't trust the online or tv specials.
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You can cut people's grass, or help do some yard work and ask for some money for doing that for your family or people in your neighborhood.
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You can make a koolaid stand  because lemonaid stand is old nobody does thoes any more only if you  live in a populer nighborhood lol! I got 900,000,000$!

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