Shouldd 8 year olds get pocket money?


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Diamond Magika answered

Depends. If you think they will be successful in life, reward them with money when they do something good. If you think they will spend it right away, I would wait.

You could also give them some and say half is for spending, the other half is for saving.

Lokpi Mikic Profile
Lokpi Mikic answered

As the user above said, yes it depends, if he is polite and has a good personality yes. But make sure you don't start with a high value, because later they will want more. Give him only sodas or something, but not a lot.

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Edmond Becca answered

It is depends upon the habits of children. But to teach them future savings you should give them pocket money. They will learn about where money should spend and which way they can use for save to money.

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