How do you make decent money fast?


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The obvious answer when responding to someone asking how they can make money is to say get a job. Though from the way you state you need to make money fast, you may need to look at other options, rather than employment.
  • Money for old belongings
One of the most popular ways people make money these days is to go through their loft or attic and see what old belongings they have lying around, which may be worth some money. Even if you don't have one or two items which are worth a fortune, you may have many small items that together, might be worth something.
  • Auction sites or sales
If you find you do have a number of items that might be worth selling you could have a yard or garage sale. Advertise the fact that you are having a sale in the local neighborhood and you'll be surprised how many people turn up looking for a bargain. If you prefer, you could sell your items on an online auction site such as eBay. This requires less effort and allows people from further afield to view and bid on your items. If you have items which you feel are of significant value, such as jewelery, it may be better to take them for a professional valuation to determine their exact worth.
  • Try your luck
Gambling is not always recommended but a small amount on a lottery ticket or a scratch card or even on a horse race can sometimes provide quick financial reward, for a small outlay. Remember that it is more likely that you will lose money by gambling though.
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