What Are The Major Components Of Brand Positioning?


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The major elements of brand positioning are inclusive of target market, brand category and unique selling proposition or USP as it is commonly referred to. Positioning is basically the process of setting the brand's image. While shaping the positioning of a brand, an intelligent marketer would always consider these three elements as the points of support that could entrench the image of the brand.

While concentrating on the target market, the marketer should always ensure that the segment of customers that he/she is targeting is identifiable and attainable, not vague and unreachable. Research should be conducted on the primary and secondary traits of the target market, which could be later utilized to the benefit of the brand.

Regarding the brand category or the industry or business that the brand is operating in, the marketer should always keep a close and diligent watch on the mechanics of that particular market. In short, all the direct and indirect changes and developments that could leverage the brand category and industry, should be part of the marketer's knowledge for him to use that information to ensure a favorable positioning.

Coming towards the USP or the unique selling proposition, the marketer should always strive to carve out a distinct niche for his brand – that is, working under the light of target market information and industry knowledge, he should develop such an exclusive yet wholesome point of difference for the brand, that is in strong harmony with not only the taste of the target market but also the carriage of the industry mechanics.

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