What Are The Major Metrics That Are Used For Measuring ROBI (Return On Brand Investment)?


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There are nineteen metrics that help a marketer in measuring returns on brand investment. Some of them are qualitative and others are quantitative. The metrics include brand awareness, brand recognition, along with the understanding of brand positioning. Moreover there is brand contract fulfillment, which measures the extent to which the brand kept its promises that it had made to the customers. Other than that there is brand persona recognition, which involves matters of brand association. Also the position of the brand on the association ladder is one important metric.

Furthermore, quantitative metrics include number of acquired customers, number of lost customers, market share calculation, purchase frequency, financial value, price premium and lifetime value of a customer. The list of qualitative metrics includes some more elements like customer loyalty, brand regard, community impact, referral index, customer satisfaction, return on advertising, and current customer penetration. All of these metrics give a lucid picture about the aftermath of brand investment. In other words, it practically measures the returns that the brand achieved after its initial investment.

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