How Can Successful Positioning Be Ensured?


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1. Ensure relevance to a customer’s frame of reference
Be fully aware of the brand’s “frame of reference” so that a repositioning strategy will resonate with consumers. It’s essential to capture not just the emotional and physical needs of the customer, but the dynamics of the situation in which those needs occur. Repositioning too far from this frame of reference creates consumer confusion that can make a positioning unsuccessful.

2. Secure the customer’s “permission” for the positioning
Recognize that permission amounts to a reasonable and logical extension of the brand in the customer’s eyes. It has to be believable to claim any new ground and you need a “bridge” to help carry customers from where you are today to where you want to take it in the future. Sometimes you can leverage the unique emotional benefits of the brand to provide this “bridge”.

3. Deliver on the brand’s new promise
Now you need to ensure that the brand performance is able to live up to its new promise. This can be easier said than done. Four steps can help in this:
- Identify certain performance “signals” or “hot buttons” that will convince customers of the new brand positioning
- Develop product/service programs to ensure consistent performance on these “signals.”
- Track and assess performance against customer signals using research

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