How Does A Debit Card Work?


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A debit card works somewhat like a check. The difference is you have to wait for a check to clear, where as with a debit card, the money is taken directly from your checking account.
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Debit cards is used when there is only money in your account. Instead of going to the bank to drawing cash, debit card is used to draw cash in ATM machines.
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A debit card is basically your money on a card and you cannot go over the limit.
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Debit card is just like your ATM card; when you open a bank account bank issues you a card which is backed up by the equal amount of money that is available in your account. The bank gives out such electronic cards for use rather then carrying physical cash and it helps in avoiding theft or loss. If your approved amount will be more than your account balance, card will declined the request of the transaction which means bank is not authorizing you to draw the money from your account because of the less balance in your account.

Normally, when you go to a hotel to have a room there, they swap your card to obtain pre-authorization information to make sure that you have money in your account and bank will give an approval code to secure that transaction. All the five star hotels always have a sign on their front desk mentioned that Credit/Debit cards are accepted her in case a customer is using a debit card. The money from your account comes immediately and this whole phenomenon is very hard to understand but this is how debit card works.

That message means that as soon as hotel will swap the card to obtain $100 approval from bank, your bank will hold that money out of your account, if you use that money from your bank then you will be left with no option for paying money to the hotel for the staying period.
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A debit card allows you access to yours funds in the bank 24 hours. It it used to purchase goods and services, withdraw cash at the atm, access banking information via the telephone, internet,  transfer funds, pay utilities and set up standing order. In order for the debit card to work a PIN (personal identification Number) is required, once the amount and the PIN number is entered the funds is automatically deducted from your account.
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Like a credit card, except you must have the money in your bank account.  It takes it out immediately, no lag time like when you write a check.  Many places use your check like a debit card and it comes out as soon as you write it.  So, make sure you got the money in your bank account before using your debit card.  Using the debit card can cause you to bounce checks if you do not record the transaction in your checkbook.

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