What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Robotics?


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And here the Advantages of robots
• Robotics and automations can increase safety, reliability, production amount, profit, quality and quantity of products in a lot of cases.
• They can do jobs in dangerous situations and save lives of thousands of people.
• They do not care about the comfort of their environment. Human needs such as hunger or depression have no meanings for them. They do not get tired.
• Their accuracy is so high and is in the range of millimeters or even micrometers
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Robots are becoming most common in each and every day life, but robots have both  advantages and disadvantages.By knowing this people can determine when to use and when to not use robots.


The first and foremost advantage of robots is their cost. Robots are cheaper than most human counterparts.

Robots can work for a long hours and robots dont get tired and can significantly increases production than people

Robots are stronger than people.

Robots can be faster than people too.

Dis advantages;

The main disadvantage of using robots are unemplolyment.

Robots can handle perfectly desired job but they cant handle unexpected as people do.

Robots can be extremely dangerous. Whether robots are malfunctioning or designed for warfare, robots can be very hazardous to people.

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