How Long Does It Take To Get Approval To Draw Unemployment?


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As with everything in life it depends on a lot of things.
If you have a straightforward case of dismissal you will have to wait a minimum of a week before you receive any benefits. As far as I can tell there is no law in place on the statute books setting a specified time by which you should receive payment but good practice dictates a quick turn around without unnecessary delay.
But if there are any technicalities that have to be investigated or if your previous employer wishes to appeal the decision then this will inevitably slow down the whole process. The state may also wish to investigate your case more closely but they should do this within the week that was mentioned previously. This appeal process could take several weeks to resolve itself.
Although you may be experiencing cash flow problems in the here and now, you should not get too worried on the assumption that you are missing out on any money. Once your unemployment benefits claim has been secured with no chance of further appeals from the state or your previous employer, you should obtain back-dated payment from when you first filed for unemployment benefit (although not from the date when you left your previous job as is commonly assumed) on the same date as when you receive your first unemployment benefit payment.
During this waiting period, continue with the course of action prescribed to you by the state within which you reside. Usually this will entail some sort of form that requires filling weekly. This will ensure that when you receive the lump sum of backdated pay there can be no qualms about your entitlement.
One thing to check though is whether the unemployment office has the correct details for your home address and direct deposit bank details. It is your assignment to check that this information is correct as the authorities rarely accept responsibility for lost checks or incorrect banking or mailing information.

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