What Slogan Is This? "The One That Gets Used"


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Yeah? That last person was really informational. Anyhow. "The One That Gets Used"  was the slogan for one of the Yellow Pages company's. I don't have a copy of the ad but with that info you can track it down. It may have been US West but likely was more than one company.
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The phrase "The one that gets used" is not found used as a slogan but is often used in reviews. For instance products that are considered good are believed to be the ones that get used, the ones that people select over other kinds. For instance if there is a publisher of encyclopaedias or dictionaries and it gets selected often by people for reference it is believed to be not simply the best, as this may not be the case, but the most appropriate or practical.
There may be several options available in terms of public transport but the one that gets used often is the preferred option

The phrase implies a set of choices and a selection of the fitting option from these choices. It does not necessarily mean that the selected option is the best, cheapest, easiest, etc. All it tries to say is that the option selected is the one preferred to be used.

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